About CM Research

CM Research is an independent research house, based in London. We provide global thematic research in the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) sectors. Our focus is on disruptive technologies: how will they unfold; which industries will be impacted; and who will be the ultimate winners and losers. Our clients include institutional investors, corporations and governments. Our aim is to help investors predict share price movements and to help corporate executives stay one step ahead of the trends that are shaping their industry.

We have an established track record of identifying major investment themes before mainstream researchers.

You can view a list of our research themes on the publications page of this website. Occasionally you may see our research reports referenced in the business press. Some of the themes we have covered in the last 12 months include:

Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Big Data, Chinese Internet, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital Media, E-commerce, Internet Advertising, Internet TV, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, Mobile Payments, Music & Video Streaming, Net Neutrality, Regulation, Robotics, Search Neutrality, Smartphones, Social Networks, Software Defined Networks, Streaming, Video Games.

CM Research was established in 2010 by Cyrus Mewawalla with a commitment to independence, exclusivity and excellence.  The company is based in London and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. CM Research is also a member of EuroIRP, the European Association of Independent Research Providers.

To give our clients the highest levels of service we have also entered into partnership agreements with leading brokers, distribution platforms, research firms and investment banks. Click here to see a list of our global partners.